Special chains

AGROMIR-VOLIN Ltd. as an exclusive distributor of DITTON Driving Chain Factory in Ukraine offers a wide range of roller, bush, leaf and other chains with different pitches according to:

  • European standard ISO/ DIN,
  • American standard ANSI,
  • Russian standard GOST,

and customer specific requirements as well.

All the presented items build a base of the whole range of products.

For further information, please feel free to call on +38-097-866-82-24 or email at agromir-volin@ukr.net.

Roller chains with extended pins

Roller chains with straight attachments - Type M

Roller chains with bent attachments - Type K

Roller chains with molded rubber profile

Roller chains with toothed plates

Long link conveyor chains

Thermoforming chains

Bookbinding chains

Agricultural chains

Roller chains with plastic inner blocks

Roller chains with plastic clips

Roller chains with plastic attachments